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Long Time, No Post: Big News – My Novel is Complete

I have been away from blogging for an extended period of time to work on my novel. I am pleased to announce that the novel is complete. My goal is to release my novel, “The Hunt for Elsewhere” by Beatrice Vine, by the end of this year and before Christmas. In the mean time, please enjoy a few quotes, excerpts and the book cover.

“Listen to me carefully, my friend: there are many cruel creatures and there are many good ones, but rare are those that are truly evil or righteous. If you give someone a chance, regardless of their temperament or their appearance, more often than not, you will bring out the good in them.” – Quill (page 39)

“You’re not invincible, you know. You might be smarter than a snake bite, but you’re impulsive too. If something happens to you and there’s nothing I can do about it, I have to live with that. But if something happens to me, will you worry at all?” – Dante (page 185)

“This world we live in,” Tootsie explained, “it’s a rough one for sure. Every day the air gets a little worse than yesterday, and every day everyone gets a little more desperate to survive.” She stopped a few yards away from a particularly lavish house with a carefully manicured lawn and garden. “Look at that window over there. See that cat? All white and clean with his stupid little nose sunken halfway in his face? Well, he’s one of the lucky ones whose got things made. Two square meals a day, a master to groom his fluffy hair, and a hoard of squeaky toys I bet he doesn’t even know what to do with. If you don’t have luck like his, then you gotta make your own luck, and you do that by watching out for you and your own.” – Tootsie (page 199)

“I’m afraid you’ve asked the wrong question, Mr. Wolf. It is not a matter of ‘what,’ but ‘who.’ I am Saxton. I have a name, just like the rest of you, and I will choose to define that name as I see fit.” – Saxton (page 253)

“So what? Anyone can grow strong with effort and time. Learning compassion, though, that only comes when you’ve been in the position of being weak.”- Juniper (page 264)

“While misfits are born, monsters are made. I am the master of my monster.” Jezebel (page 285)


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