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Facebook Page for Betty Vine

Quick post:

I have a facebook page for Betty Vine, which will be featuring occasional updates on “The Hunt for Elsewhere.” I realize it’s a bit confusing because “The Hunt for Elsewhere” is being written under the pen name, Beatrice Vine. The reason for the distinction is due to the different genres that I plan to write under each pen name. Betty Vine will be the dominant name I will use on the internet.

Here is the page:

If you’re interested, please take a moment to “Like” the page. It’s small and relatively empty at the moment, but it should start filling up with more interesting things as time goes on. I’ve just recently added an album on the page featuring a partial cast of my characters.

Thank you!


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Bronchitis and Future Updates

My apologies for the lack of updates. Recently, I’ve had fever and bronchitis. I’m no longer feeling very ill and I actually made a trip to the gym this week. Unfortunately, I think the gym might have aggravated my lungs because I’m coughing with frequency again.

For any readers of Two Stools and an Empty Bar, I haven’t forgotten the project, but it has taken the backburner. I’ve been struggling writing the 15th chapter of my young adult novel for two weeks, and I’ve finally completed it. At this rate, I have to play catch-up to ensure I finish my novel by the end of this year.

Work has been getting increasingly busy, and so my motivation to write political essays has somewhat declined. My interest, on the other hand, remains very high, and I hope to eventually write about the financial crisis and capitalism. However, like fanfiction, this is being set aside for my primary project.

As far as bar and restaurant reviews are concerned, I only review places I definitely want to share with others. Recently there’s been a drop in places that I’ve found interesting enough to write about, but that may also be due to the fact I haven’t been visiting new venues as much recently.

I believe that’s it. Hopefully I’ll stop hacking up mucus soon.


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