Reasons to Read The Hunt for Elsewhere

31 Aug

Thanks to my good friend’s (Jayden Woods) advice I decided to create a list of reasons to read my story. Hopefully, a reader will agree that my book fulfills these reasons.

1.) It’s ultimately a story about becoming an adult: the importance of the decisions we make, the knowledge we choose to use or ignore, and the values we choose to uphold.

2.) The story paints a world that is not black or white. There is no good or evil in the story so much as there are characters with strengths and weaknesses that define their choices, which may or may not affect those around them.

3.) It adds to the lore behind animals that repeatedly appear in fables and fairy tales. For instance, though the main character, a fox, is still as cunning as he was in Aesop’s “The Fox and The Crow,” he is also capable of empathy because he chooses to try to understand others rather than care for only himself. An added benefit: understanding the motivations of others inherently strengthens one’s cunning!

4.) The characters are sympathetic and diverse. They range anywhere from bitter yet devoted, to wise yet naive, to brave yet insecure. I am sure that different individuals will be able to connect with at least one character on a personal level, even if that character makes only a brief appearance.

5.) There are multiple adventures the main characters encounter, each of which are parallel to issues that exist in human society today. Even if a child might not completely understand the sociopolitical parallel, adult readers might and therefore may appreciate the book on a different level.

6.) The story stresses the importance of compassion, courage, and loyalty, and that everything else is trivial in the grand scheme of things. These are themes that most people enjoy and love to read and reread countless times.

7.) I am excited to write the ending, which probably means getting to that ending, as a reader, will be worthwhile.


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