Bar Recommendation: The Wellesbourne

21 Apr

The Wellesbourne is a new, up and coming bar on 10929 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064. When the bar first made its appearance, I had to admit I did not know what to expect inside. The outside of the bar, which I unfortunately could not locate any pictures for, looks very much like a Spanish missionary with torch lights on either side of the wooden double doors. The facade of the building, in addition, is made out of bricks.

The inside, however, is reminiscent of an English mansion, or perhaps a 1920s speakeasy hidden inside a posh library. It feels very much like stepping into another time, especially since there are an antique phonograph, bartenders who wear bowties, skinny suspenders, and rolled-up sleeves, and guests who come in sporting fedoras and pinstipe suits. I have to say, it’s pretty darn cool.

I realize this first picture isn’t the most flattering, but please bear with me. This is the first thing a guest will see upon entering the double-doors and pulling back a thick, blue velvet curtain.

This is the main area with the bar flushed against the back wall. As you can see, there are numerous books lining the shelves. These books are real, and range from anywhere between Jane Austen and Darwin’s Origin of Species. Feel free to grab a book and read as you enjoy your drink. The only requirement is that you kindly return to book to where you took it came from.

Ah, now that’s better. What’s interesting about the Wellesbourne is that it has three different rooms where you may imbibe in a classic drink, perhaps a Sidecar, or eat a hot meal straight from the kitchen.

There is a game room, complete with foosball table and billiards.

And a luxurious sitting area, also complete with a working fireplace. You heard me right, the bar lights the fireplace at night, adding to the flavor of the setting.

Look at that tray! Look at those glasses! Is that an English teacup? If nothing else, I appreciate the effort they put into presentation. Those drinks are very tasty, though!

I greatly enjoy visiting this place because it’s walking distance from where I live (hoorah!) and because the prices are fair. Compared to 31Ten, however, the food isn’t anywhere near as good (at least in my opinion, your mileage might vary). Still, this is a great place to celebrate Happy Hour after a long day at work or to share a drink with some friends on the weekend. The bar gets pretty full, but there’s plenty of walking space. In the times I’ve visited, I never felt stuffy despite all the people milling around.

Parking: there’s plenty of street parking, and the residential area just a hop and a skip away. No need to valet. Another plus!

Scale: OMG I CAN DIE NOW -> Pretty Awesome -> Good -> Okay -> Yikes! -> RUNAWAY!

FOOD: Good
DRINKS: Pretty Awesome
SERVICE: Pretty Awesome
AMBIANCE: Pretty Awesome
WAIT TIME: Pretty Awesome

DISCLAIMERS: None of the photos above are mine. I nabbed them from Google images.


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